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Category: 1. About the project

The first part of the name "PollyVote" refers to our mascot Polly the parrot. In addition, it is derived from the words "poly" – for the many forecasts that we use in the combination and – "political" – for the context of the forecast. The name's second...

1.2 Who is behind the PollyVote?

On January 23, 2016
The PollyVote was launched in 2004 by forecasting expert J. Scott Armstrong and the political scientists Alfred Cuzán and Randy Jones. In 2007, Andreas Graefe joined the project. For more information about the team click here.
The PollyVote project uses the high-profile application of predicting U.S. presidential election outcomes to demonstrate advances in forecasting research. When the PollyVote was first launched in 2004, the original goal was to demonstrate the benefits of combining forecasts. Since then, the PollyVote team has expanded its focus by...
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